Solutions for Industries

We have been developing solutions for all types of businesses. There are over 20,000 job roles across all industries and while there are differences between industries, there are many similarities in skills development. Each job role for example would require:
  • Soft Skills.
  • Essential Skills.
  • Technical Skills.
  • Functional Skills (by Department).

Solutions for Employers

Whether small, medium or large companies with local or international employees, we have solutions that can support functional roles, compliance training and onboarding.  We also can support custom development to support:
  • Individual employee reskilling and upskilling.
  • Customer support with sales and product training. 
  • Vocational employees with mobile support.
  • Partner training.

Solutions for Individuals

Within each Job Role there are multiple skills required that include more then understanding the job itself.  With over 2,000 different skills across industries, determining what a person needs is critical. This is why we provide Job Role Assessments before providing access to skills development programs.  We help determine the skills gaps of each person so that their skills development programs are efficient. We support:
  • Job role skills development across Industries.
  • Youth and students looking for employment. 
  • Employees looking for reskilling and upskilling.
  • Unemployed looking to become job ready.

Solutions for the Underserved

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4) is focused on supporting quality education for all. We have built our solutions to ensure that we are inclusive of all people. As part of this focus, we have made sure that our solutions are3A scalable, multilingual, affordable, customizable and accessible no matter who a person is, or where they are located. We have solutions to support:
  • Indigenous communities.
  • Black communities.
  • Rural located communities.
  • Individuals 

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